Working Papers
European Immigrants and the Rise of the United States to the Technological Frontier (with Lee, Peters)
Optimal City Structure (with Allen, Li). PRELIMINARY. First Version: 07/15

Submitted Papers or Under Revision

Combinatorial Discrete Choice: A Quantitative Model of Multinational Location Decisions (with Eckert, Shi). New 11/23.
Clean Growth
(with Walsh). More New 08/23
Spatial Production Networks (with Hunneus, Miyauchi)
Aggregate Implications of Firm Heterogeneity: A Nonparametric Analysis of Monopolistic Competition Trade Models (with Adao, Ganapati)
General Equilibrium Effects in Space: Theory and Measurement (with Adao, Esposito)  More  
A Multivariate Distribution with Pareto Tails and Pareto Maxima (with Rodriguez-Clare, Jiun-Hua Su)


On the Equilibrium Properties of Spatial Models (with Allen, Li) forth. American Economic Review Insights
Economic Activity Across Space: A Supply and Demand Approach (with Allen) Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2023, 37 (2), p.3-28 More
The Welfare Effects of Transportation Infrastructure Improvements (with Allen), Review of Economic Studies, 2022, 89(6), 2911-2957
Firm Dynamics and Trade (with Alessandria, Ruhl) Annual Review of Economics, 2021, 13, 253-280.
The Extensive Margin of Exporting Products: A Firm-Level Analysis (with Muendler, Ganapati), American Economic Journal Macro 2021, 13(4), pp. 182-245). More
Universal Gravity (with Allen, Takahashi) Journal of Political Economy, 2020, 128(2), 393-433. More
The Elusive Pro-Competitive Effects of Trade (with Costinot, Donaldson, Rodriguez-Clare), Review of Economic Studies, 2019, 86(1), 46-80. More
Innovation and Production in the Global Economy (with Ramondo, Rodriguez-Clare, Yeaple), American Economic Review, 2018, 108(8), 2128-73, More
Firm Learning and Growth (with Papageorgiou, Timoshenko), Review of Economic Dynamics, 2018, 27, 146-168.
A Unified Theory of Firm Selection and Growth, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2016, 131(1), 89-155. More
Trade and the Topography of the Spatial Economy (with Allen) Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2014, 129(3), More
New Trade Models, Same Old Gains? (with Costinot, Rodriguez-Clare), American Economic Review, 2012, 102(1), 94-130. More
Market Penetration Costs and the New Consumers Margin in International Trade, Journal of Political Economy, 2010, 118 (6), 1151-1199. More
Exporters and Their Products: A Collection of Empirical Regularities (with Muendler), CESifo Economic Studies, 2013, 59(2), 223-248.
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